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          歡迎訪問東莞市偉仕達絕緣材料有限公司官方網站 !

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          技術咨詢:186 8866 0668 (王先生)


           頁面版權所有  ? 2019 東莞市偉仕達絕緣材料有限公司   粵ICP備10038883號-1網站建設: 中企動力  東莞 



          地址:廣東省惠州仲愷高新區瀝林鎮智慧大道 2 號 25#樓廠房 8 層 01 號



          廣東偉仕達材料科技有限公司專業生產銷售:PVC套管(UL NO:E310532)、汽車用波紋管,PVC套管(已用于豐田,本田,日產,五十鈴馬自達等車型),PU管及各種硬管、熱縮套管、硅膠管、伸縮網管等。產品均獲UL及CUL認證,符合ROHS及REACH法規。產品廣泛用于家電、電子、電力、通迅、醫療、汽車、船舶等領域,并得到廣大客戶的信賴與支持。




          The Guangdong VAST Materials Science CO., Ltd is a engaged in to insulate a material development and produce, professional manufacture PVC tubing(UL NO:E310532) ,Cars with corrugated pipe(PA,PP,PE), PVC tubing (have been used for Toyota, Honda, nissan, isuzu Mazda vehicles etc.),PU tubing (soft and hard tube and abnormal shape material ). Heat shrinkable tubings, solicone rubber tube , silicone fiber GiassSieeving, trend interweave tubings.which have passed the approval of UL and CUL, and passed the Europe economiccommon body ROHS environmental protectionstandard, widely used in the trade of consume, electric, electron, electricity, communication,medical treatment, and got trust and support of all our client.


          Our company have more than ten years of production and developing experiences, Passed the TS16949, ISO9000 certification ,with perfect equipment and design ability. Placing great emphasis on providing superior products, highly personal service, and flexible approach to clients' needs, we desire to establish business cooperation with you, supply our perfect service to you.

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